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For new clients your first colonic is £80, your appointment lasts for an hour and a half. It includes a full consultation as well as the colonic. This is essential to help you prevent the same issues re-occurring.

If you're not sure what type of colonic is right for you just email us with your phone number (so we can call you) at or call us on 01604 434780.

The post summer blues is upon us and our thoughts are turning to Christmas. Everyone wants to lose weight after Christmas but the best way to prepare for the festive season is to get your body ready for the deluge of food and alcohol that might be going your way.. For those looking for a quick fix we offer a 9 day plan alkalising box which will help you cleanse, shed unwanted rubbish and get your body prepared for those foods that make you bloat, tired or uncomfortable.

A busy few months for Celebrity Colonics as the stars try and fit into those BAFTA dresses! 100% of our clients report that their bloating has gone down either immediately after the colonic or within 24 hours!!
Tracey Dell offer Colonics at the Northampton 7 days a week to fit in with you busy diary. To book your appointment at Northampton ring us on 01604 62096601604 620966

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Our on-line book shop gives you some great resources for books on IBS, Crohns disease, Ulcerative Colitis and cancer. 

If you would like to raise money for charity and have a colonic at the same time check out our NEW charitable venture - Colonics for Charity.

We are delighted to be supporting the Meningitis Research Foundation with the help of comedian Norman  Pace and his wife Beverley. The latest fundraising event was on July 18th, pictures are our blog and pictures page.




Constipation help at Northampton Colonic Clinic  01604 620966

  • Others don't understand how uncomfortable it can be
  • People just don't get how 'heavy' it can make you feel
  • No one understand how bloated it can make you feel
  • Constipation pain can be excruciating
  • It can be frustrating that others don't realise how life changing it can be
  • Even slight constipation can ruin a day, evening or an hour
   I understand how bad constipation can make you feel because I've been there, with a stressful job and home life, everything stopped working and I would go to the loo and not always feel it had been 'successful'...

Constipated man on the loo - for constipation help contact the Northampton Clinic at 01604 620966    Straining to go to the loo is not good practice and can give us piles, damage our intestines and put unnecessary strain on the heart.            

If you are straining to go to the loo it's not something you should ignore as it can lead to impaction and faecal leakage. Infact, if your poo is too runny, this can actually be a sign that your bowel is severely impacted, unable to move poo through correctly and that only liquid can get through.




I don't know anyone that has used laxatives and been cured of constipation, if you've ever used laxatives and then had to use them again you're proof that they don't work.

People get confused between 'natural' and 'chemical' laxatives and think that natural laxatives are better for the body. ALL laxatives work in the same way by making the bowel spasm to try and help move poo through the system - that's why, when you take laxatives, you can get cramping - because the laxative is making the bowel do that.

Unfortunately because of the texture of your poo, dryness, impaction and lot's of other reasons the laxative will not normally move through the hard poo, it will often only remove the poo that's runny enough (normally newer matter) to come out. That's why sometimes it's runny. If it's hard pieces that have come out it's because the bowel has spasmed enough to move a hard bit out - but it's still almost certainly not emptied you - even if you feel like it has!:)


As mentioned before laxatives are unlikely to cure someone of constipation and in many cases can make things worse.

To poo correctly you need the right amount of salts, fluids and soft fibre to make a soft poo that can move round your system comfortably and leave you empty after you've been to the loo. (Quick tip - hard fibre cereals can bung you up)

When you take a laxative it makes the bowel spasm and fluid leaves the bowel, this is the fluid we wanted absorbing into the poo as we make it to keep it soft. Impacted poo is never going to move if you are taking fluid out of the bowel, so you can see that laxatives are often going to make the situation worse - whether they are 'natural' or not!


Colonics can help remove impacted matter, hydrate the bowel and in some cases help the bowel to regain peristalsis (muscle movement) to improve 

We've designed three packages to help with constipation, whether you just want to get rid of what's making you feel uncomfortable now, or if you want to helping yourself to avoid getting constipated in the future.

If we just take out impacted matter and you continue to do what you're currently doing then it's likely the constipation will come back. We encourage you to look at prevention too, which is where our packs come in.