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For new clients your first colonic is £80, your appointment lasts for an hour and a half. It includes a full consultation as well as the colonic. This is essential to help you prevent the same issues re-occurring.

If you're not sure what type of colonic is right for you just email us with your phone number (so we can call you) at or call us on 01604 434780.

The post summer blues is upon us and our thoughts are turning to Christmas. Everyone wants to lose weight after Christmas but the best way to prepare for the festive season is to get your body ready for the deluge of food and alcohol that might be going your way.. For those looking for a quick fix we offer a 9 day plan alkalising box which will help you cleanse, shed unwanted rubbish and get your body prepared for those foods that make you bloat, tired or uncomfortable.

A busy few months for Celebrity Colonics as the stars try and fit into those BAFTA dresses! 100% of our clients report that their bloating has gone down either immediately after the colonic or within 24 hours!!
Tracey Dell offer Colonics at the Northampton 7 days a week to fit in with you busy diary. To book your appointment at Northampton ring us on 01604 62096601604 620966

For all your Alkalising needs browse our online shop and get energised!! A one stop shop for Mega Greens, bowel cleanser, probiotics and Weight Loss Products

Our on-line book shop gives you some great resources for books on IBS, Crohns disease, Ulcerative Colitis and cancer. 

If you would like to raise money for charity and have a colonic at the same time check out our NEW charitable venture - Colonics for Charity.

We are delighted to be supporting the Meningitis Research Foundation with the help of comedian Norman  Pace and his wife Beverley. The latest fundraising event was on July 18th, pictures are our blog and pictures page.




Here are some photo's you may find interesting, we know we love looking at other peoples albums - thank goodness for Facebook! We've tried to give you a favour of some of the things we do here and the fun we have. Because our clients confidentiality is key we don't publish anything without their express permission.  

For those of you looking for more information about colonics you may see photos of the premises but there are no cameras in the clinic rooms! These photos are from both our Northampton and Milton Keynes clinics.

To read our Blog with all the latest thoughts, gossip, musings and

Nilam Patel with Jade Goody applying permanent make up  Nilam applying semi permanent eyeliner on Jade Goody before her wedding.

Heidi Worman applying eyelash extensions during our anniversary party at the Milton Keynes Clinic Heidi applying eyelash extensions as our 1 year party at Milton Keynes

Nilam Patel applying permanent eyebrows to Jodie Marsh  Nilam applying semi permanent eyebrows to Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh and Nilam Patel after applying permanent eyebrows  Jodie Marsh imediately after having her brows done - these are a little darker than they will be once they have had a few days to settle, shape, colour and finished affect is entirely up to you. In other words you can be as defined as Jodie or be so subtle that no one realises you've had them done, but people just know you're looking great!!

Calm and peaceful waiting room at the Northampton Colonic Clinic The waiting room at the Northampton Colonic Clinic. We have a beautiful airy Victorian building overlooking the Old Racecourse Park. Even though we say it ourselves, it has a lovely feel about it.

Some of the Clinic Team at Milton Keynes, including Nilam Patel and Tracey Dell  Part of the Clinic team at our anniversary pary at Milton Keynes. We do so much at both clinics it's difficult to keep up to date, but in this line up we have Bridgit Hickey our nurse who does fillers and line relaxants. Heidi Worman who is Nilams right hand woman and permanent make up artist, as well as eyelash extensions. Nilam Patel (looking as beautiful as ever) who is one of the best known permanent make up artists in the country. Natalie who does our thermage and more extreme facial treatments, Tracey Dell who does colonics and detoxing packages at both clinics. Sarah Parker who is one of our favourite people and as well as working with us from time to time on the admin side is one of the funniest people we know. Last but not least Dr Wynand de Jagar who is the Dentist as Milton Keynes as well as one of the dentists used by Ten years Younger.

Milton Keynes Clinic anniversary party   Milton Keynes anniversary party  Two pictures from our anniversary party at Milton Keynes. The far left one features Miriam Ceranic who is the joint owner of Fabio Hair salon in Northampton. She won't mind me telling you that her hair is mainly extensions but looks very real! Anyway she, and everyone else seemed to have a good time, the goodie bags proved popular as did the chocolate fountain (tsk tsk) and the free bar in the time we'll organise it so we get some time to enjoy it all too!

Tracey Dell and Beverley Pace at the Meningitis Trust fundraiser Tracey Dell (left) and Beverley Pace (right) at an event at Beverley and comedian Norman Paces' house to help raise funds for the Meningitis Research Foundation. The clinic was pleased to support this by donating an auction prize which contributed £1000 of the £17,500 raised during the evening. If you would like to help support any registered charity we are happy to help you by offering colonics for free if you raise a minimum of £500 for your chosen charity. More information can be found at Colonics for Charity. If you would like to support the Meningitis research Foundation you can donate via Beverley's page here. Donating through the link also gives you the chance to apply gift aid to increase your donation at no extra cost to you.   

Jade Goody and Nilam Patel at Aerial Extreme in Milton Keynes during the filiming of the Boot Camp This was our First Bootcamp in August 2008 set up as a joint venture between Nilam Patel and Jade Goody. Nilam and Jade are all smiles (3rd and 4th in from the left) before they did all the aerial trapeze at Milton Keynes. It was very scary but the adrenalin helps you shed those pounds!

Nilam Patel filming for Living TV Nilam in front of the camera for the boot camp documentary. This was shown on Sky Living's programme Just Jade and is still be repeated now.