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For new clients your first colonic is £80, your appointment lasts for an hour and a half. It includes a full consultation as well as the colonic. This is essential to help you prevent the same issues re-occurring.

If you're not sure what type of colonic is right for you just email us with your phone number (so we can call you) at or call us on 01604 434780.

The post summer blues is upon us and our thoughts are turning to Christmas. Everyone wants to lose weight after Christmas but the best way to prepare for the festive season is to get your body ready for the deluge of food and alcohol that might be going your way.. For those looking for a quick fix we offer a 9 day plan alkalising box which will help you cleanse, shed unwanted rubbish and get your body prepared for those foods that make you bloat, tired or uncomfortable.

A busy few months for Celebrity Colonics as the stars try and fit into those BAFTA dresses! 100% of our clients report that their bloating has gone down either immediately after the colonic or within 24 hours!!
Tracey Dell offer Colonics at the Northampton 7 days a week to fit in with you busy diary. To book your appointment at Northampton ring us on 01604 62096601604 620966

For all your Alkalising needs browse our online shop and get energised!! A one stop shop for Mega Greens, bowel cleanser, probiotics and Weight Loss Products

Our on-line book shop gives you some great resources for books on IBS, Crohns disease, Ulcerative Colitis and cancer. 

If you would like to raise money for charity and have a colonic at the same time check out our NEW charitable venture - Colonics for Charity.

We are delighted to be supporting the Meningitis Research Foundation with the help of comedian Norman  Pace and his wife Beverley. The latest fundraising event was on July 18th, pictures are our blog and pictures page.




Tracey Dell The Colonic Clinic founder Welcome to our blog! Whether you're an existing client popping in to check out the latest news, or a new client just getting a flavour of what we are about we hope you will find the news on here, interesting, sometimes though provoking and always entertaining.

We always respect client confidentiality and will never break the 'therapists code', but other than that we'll tell you anything we think you might like to know. Recent clients include a well known dress designer, a very well known model and celebrity as well as some great sportsmen who are on their summer holidays and a few WAGs just to add a bit more glamour! Articles about their visits to us are due to hit the shops soon and we'll point you towards them when they're out. 

Along with news, healthy hints and tips, and pictures of the clinic and staff goings on we hope to bring you an entertaining and informative blog. Please feel free to give us any feedback, good or bad, we welcome any suggestions from you to hep us improve. Click on our photo album to just browse through some of our photos.

The most recent blog is always at the top, enjoy and send any comments or questions to us at

Our clients in the Jungle

We admit it - we are glued to the TV at the moment as several of our clients appear on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Recent visitors include Stacey and Cheryl Gascoine who have enjoyed preening, pampering and detoxing before flying out to the jungle. Luckily none of our clients have fainted......

We have the X Factor!!

Nilam has spent years becoming an overnight success and her hard work is paying off as she is now giving most of the girls on the XFactor HD Brows! Nilam slaves over the hot wax every Saturday and the requests for her brows is increasing every week...keep an eye on the brows of the rich and famous and see who has been HD'd this week!

Surely it's only a matter of time before Colonics are mentioned on Coronation Street....?

Regular visitor Shobna Gulati (Sunita on Coronation Street) has spent so much time here that she can often be seen making cups of tea for other clients as she chills with the girls!

Shobna has to be one of the sweetest and gentle people around as well as being extremely funny and she regularly pops in for HD Brows, colonics and facials. In her own words "I absolutely love it here. cant keep away! Personally I have grown in confidence and my skin and brows have never looked so good" 

Here she is on Loose Women talking about Colonics!

What Katie did next.....

Kati Price Hen Do at MIlton Keynes Colonic Clinic
Well she came in to see us at our Milton Keynes clinic.....featured on the Katie Price programme more than once you can see Katie Price (AKA Jordan) come in for colonics, corrective work on her lips, permanent brows and lots of fun at her Hen Day too.

Katies Hen Day was great fun as she brought 17 of her closest friends to enjoy a day of pampering. It was probably one of the wildest days we have had for a while as we saw lots of famous names just being themselves (lovely of course!) and really enjoying themselves on a very special day. Everyone brought great gifts for Katie and we added our own special touches by bringing in a photo booth where guests could have their photos taken and then record their thoughts and wishes for Katie in a photo album that she took home to treasure.

Highlights of the day included the stretch limo struggling to get into the clinic as it executed a 52 point turn to get round the corner of the car park - it was the biggest limo we have ever seen! The excited smiles of everyone in the clinic as we ran around making it the most perfect day ever, and the happy laughing celebs who enjoyed every monment. 

The ice cream van bought in especially for the day was a great idea despite the rain with the 99's a fast favourite even with the rich and famous!

It was a great day, our lips are sealed on the micro details, but it was lovely to see everyone relaxing away from the glare of the cameras and enjoying a truly 'friends only' day.   


Welcome to our new Colonic Therapist

It's always exciting when you find a great therapist who will be so great for you, the client, and I don't think I've ever found someone who is so good as Karen Dilley. Enthusiastic, very knowledgable and even keener on colonics than I am (if that were possible) Karen has been into health and nutrition for a long time and eventually decided to go the whole hog and train in cleansing too.

Karen qualified through ARCH and has numerous other qualifications designed to help you reach your goals. Karen will be working at both our Northampton and MK clinics and we look forward to offering you joint appointments at both clinics.

Welcome to the Hollyoaks Girls

Hollyoaks girls at the MIlton Keynes Colonic Clinic
Much to the envy of all my male friends we welcomed the Hollyoaks Girls to the Milton Keynes clinic for a Spa Day of pampering and preening before the party season started with a vengence. Not only are the girls pretty on screen, they are lovely off screen too. If we were expecting some diva behaviour we were sorely disappointed as they were all a friendly bunch happy to submit to everything we could throw at them!

Due to a very busy work schedule the girls were happy to relax all day in dressing gowns and slippers and indulged themselves with treatments such as colonic irrigation, eye brow shaping, three different type of facials, manicures and pedicures, skin peels and massages. We pampered, preened and plucked all day while they chatted and chomped through a sumptous running buffet and at the end of the day we found we had made some lovely new friends.

They found us first through our brow shaping which is becoming a trend everyone is talking about, more on that later, and once they had found us they realised how much we offered and couldn't wait to spend a day here. Reticent at first about colonics some of the girls were wary of the procedure but after our first 'victim' lost 2.5 pounds a disorderly queue formed!

These girls are down to earth and dedicated and it's obvious that they share a great bond between them. We are delighted to have them as clients and don't be surprised if you see one of them sneeking in while you're here, we can't seem to keep them away!

Nilam on Gordon Ramseys F Word

Nilam and Heidi were invited onto the F Word programme recently to give their opinions on the culinary delights cooked up by two opposing teams of restauranters. We think that Gordon secretly wanted a consultation with our two lovely permanent make up artists as he sidled up to Nilam during the filming and asked her what she could do for him! We hope he was talking about cosmetically!  

Nilam admitted to being slightly daunted by his tradmark wrinkled face and forehead and the job ahead was stunned into silence for some time which if you know Nilam is pretty unusual... "It would need a lot of filler" she eventually said, but only once he'd left the table! Well fed and watered the happy crew left the studios full of cheer, only to find a few weeks later Gordon had been for fillers and we think some muscle relaxing injections around the face. 

Proof, if it were ever needed, that Nilams whispers are louder than she thinks - and also that she forgot her radio mike was still on.....

Kitty Campion

We have known of Kitty Campion for a long time, when we opened our doors for the first time in Northampton she was there to help with any questions we had and was happy to help with on going training and advice. For those that don't know Kitty is one of the most revered and respected Naturopathic Herbalists in the country, with her clinic being based in Bicester. Author of over ten titles she often contributes to 'What Doctors Don't Tell You' and The Herbal Review. Her clinic, The Campion Clinic, is well known for it's 'Tailor made programmes to help you achieve a level of vibrant good health hitherto only dreamt about'.

Kitty has held many posts including Director of College of Herbs and Natural Healing (one of the top 4 holistic colleges in the UK) and Director of The Natural Health and Iridology Centre but Kitty has decided after over thirty years of tireless work to take more of a back seat and emigrate to hopefully warmer climes than we have here!

Very kindly Kitty is recommending that her clients come to us at either Northampton or Milton Keynes to continue their colonic programmes or Vega Testing. As a thank you we are making a charitable donation for every one of Kitty's clients that comes to see us so please tell us if you are a client of Kitty's.

We wish Kitty every happiness in her new home and thank you so much for endorsing us. We hoped we were doing a good job and this tells us that perhaps we are!!

Party video!

Well we do love a party from time to time and we're still talking about the last one we had at Milton Keynes to celebrate a year at the new clinic. It was Nilams day (and evening), she organised the entire thing almost single handedly and invited lots of lovely people to come and share in the fun. 

As well as a large marquee to house everyone people filled the clinic to capacity to watch the demonstrations of the various treatments. For obvious reasons we couldn't demonstrate colonics - sigh - so I got to have a night off to mingle but ended up working harder that ever as you were all wanting to have everything done - it was busy but it was great!

Here is a great reminder of what went on. If you are an Alopaecia sufferer there is some great footage of one of our clients showing off her permanent make up eyebrows which you would think were real, thanks to her for being so brave.  

A poignant visitor

Today we had Jackiey Budden in, mother of Jade Goody, who was in to get ready for her engagement party in Tenerife. Nilam Patel had performed miracles for her when Jackiey was subject of Extreme Makeover, giving her semi permanent lips and brows.

Jackiey wanted a bit of a refresh and left looking much more polished after Nilam and her team had finished with her. It was lovely to see her smile, the last time we saw her we were all in tears at Jades funeral and having Jackiey in today did remind us of those sad times.  

Now Jackiey is planning her own wedding for next year, it sounds like it will be a right old knees up and I hope it will be a happy day for all concerned after the heartache the family has gone through over the last year. This time last year we were planning the launch of the GI Jade fit camps with Jade, the venues were booked and we were buzzing with excitement. So much has changed in less than 12 months it's extraordinary.

Jackiey let us in on a few of her plans for next year but we never kiss and tell so you'll just have to wait....until she tells someone else who blabs it to the newspapers!
All in all a nice day, Jackiey always adds fun to anywhere she goes, but as we waved her goodbye there was a tinge of sadness within the clinic as we remembered again the loss of our friend and colleague Jade.

Another busy day!!

Another busy day at The Clinic with the Paparazzi outside trying to snap pictures of three clients in with us. They try very hard to be inconspicuous but the cameras really do give it away....A great shot of the clinic was pasted all over the papers, we love free advertising!

The lovely thing about the clinic is that once you are inside the atmosphere changes dramatically from the busy one outside. The calming decor and hushed tones of us going about our work if often commented about and we are very lucky to work in such a nice environment.

The Northampton Clinic, which has been running for the longest is, we have decided, in need of a bit of tlc. Although everyone loves the clinic when they come in, particularly the spacious waiting room, we think a bit of updating is in order. We will in the next few months be waving the paint brushes around as well as a little bit of wallpapering and some lovely 'new' fixtures and fittings that fit in with the period of the clinic.   

Our new gardener starts work this week so again look forward to improved views from the Clinic windows. True to form we are doing things slightly differently from everyone else and it seems that we are having a spring clean in the Autumn....

As always we are are constantly looking at ways to improve your experience and the time you spend with us, if there is anything that you feel could be improved please let us know either by email, face to face or drop a line or two in the comments book in the waiting room.

Secret shopping!

We try very hard when it comes to keeping our clinic new and fresh, and ensuring we offer as good a service as we can to our clients so it's no surprise that other clinics use us as their benchmark.

We've lost count of the number of times our questionnaires have been copied, our website content and ideas has been cut and pasted and therapists have sent friends and family along to check out what we are doing. We take it in good humour, after all we get paid for the appointments they make, and we are happy to share ideas and knowledge with anyone as enthusiastic as us about colonics! (By the way Mrs A you were possibly the worst and most obvious secret shopper we've ever had but we are delighted that you needed more than one visit to take in everything we had to offer!!)

We never criticise or comment on other clinics, we always remain professional, allowing clients to make their own choices as to which practitioner and clinic will suit them best. That has and will always be our way.

But it was with great disappointment that we have found ourselves copied to such an extent that one clinic is proposing to use our name within theirs, trying to confuse clients and gain business from new clients who will think they are booking with us.

Therapists should be proud of the service they are providing and should be able to attract clientele because of the good work they do and the recommendations they receive. Not from misleading the public. We really dislike any underhand dealings, it is so against everything we believe in. 

So please, until this matter has been dealt with through the proper legal channels, ignore any therapists who claim they have been trained by us or claim close associations with Tracey Dell in particular. WE DO NOT ENDORSE any such claims and are pursuing this rigorously.

Whichever clinic you choose to visit we hope you have an enjoyable and helpful visit, and that you leave feeling rejuvinated, cleansed and clear headed. 

That's the rant over for a long while I hope, best wishes to you all - even Mrs A!

Tuesday the 28th of July 2009 - Twiggy just doesn't look like Twiggy anymore!

It's very easy in our clinic, with a fair few 'beautiful' people often wandering about to feel a bit intimidated. I'm not exactly slim, I have a blemish on my chin as I write this, and I don't have access to unlimited funds for wonderful clothes, shoes and bags. I could say that I'm not that into all that but I would definitely be lying about the shoes!

Luckily someone once said to me that the sexiest thing about a woman is her inner confidence, if she can feel good about herself it shines through and whoever you are trying to attract will find that attractive. They also said if you can walk from the bedroom to the bathroom naked instead of struggling to get a dressing gown on before getting out of bed thats very sexy - but that's a story for another time, another place!!

A few years ago I was lucky enough to treat myself to a break in a health farm, I went to Ragdale Hall for five nights and it was wonderful. I had a week of pampering, exfoliating, massages, steam rooms, yoga, Thai chi, pedicures, manicures and walks in the country as well as great food and lots of sleep. At the end of that week I felt a million dollars and I definitely looked better than when I went in.

It dawned on me as I returned home to a boyfriend who almost didn't recognise me that it just wasn't that often that I had time to get ready for a night out. It was almost always; get home from London, jump in the shower, dry my hair upside down to get some body in it, mascara and eyeliner, lipstick and blusher, jump into something not too offensive thats ironed - if not iron it - and leave the house again 'ready' for my night out.

It took a bit of time to then realise, as I looked enviously at these 'put together' women on the pages of the magazines that their 'getting ready' routine was probably very different from mine. Getting ready for a night out involved weeks of planning of outfits and accessories and on the day most of it was spent getting ready.

I recently saw a 'day in the life' type article about a celebrity which read something like this; get up at 11am to ensure no dark circles under the eyes, have breakfast. Shower, get dressed, go to the gym. Have a work out, swim and sauna and then off to the beauty salon for pedicure and manicure and top up on tan.

Once this celeb had been buffed and polished to perfection it was off to the hairdresser for the full works, a beautiful up do that looked elegant, understated and stunning before going back home to get ready to go out. Getting ready meant sitting there while her make up was professionally applied, putting on her sexy dress and Jimmy Choo shoes, applying the merest hint of her new perfume, putting on thousands of pounds worth of jewellery that has been loaned to her for the night and waiting for her car to arrive to whisk her off for a wonderful evening.

If we all had the opportunity to get ready like that we too would look like a million dollars every time we had our photos taken!

This woman also had regular bottom exfoliation to ensure she didn't have a rough bottom as well as expensive anti cellulite treatments and lots of other maintenance treatments on a very regular basis.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for making the best of what you've got, I have my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips tattooed but once they're done they are done - nothing left to do for a few years once it's been done - so I'm still low maintenance! What we offer at the clinic are treatments that should keep on working - colonics, permanent make up, HD Brows, hypnotherapy - these are all things you can help yourself with at home as well as with us. You don't need to spend a fortune to look great and stay great!

These pictues caught my eye today - Twiggy airbrushed as the new face of Olay and Twiggy when she goes to the shops. She's 59.


I was really pleased to see Twiggy going to the shops as she was. I bet she walks from the bedroom to the bathroom naked, but again that's another story!

So women - be proud! Wear the scars of childbirth and bulging bellies with pride, accept that even Twiggy doesn't look like Twiggy any more and when you want the pampering experience come and see us and we WILL make you feel a million dollars!

3rd June 2009 - Get alkalising!!

Ok - we're detoxing and refreshing for the summer! Loosing the bloating as we speak! We are all drinking the megagreens in our water and loving it! Yesterday I tried on dresses that I couldn't get into a month ago - and thats just after a week of alkalising and drinking the green drink!

All colonic clients get a taste of it when they come in, if you're suffering from bloating or want to shift a bit of weight you can't beat alkalising the body.

Available from our Shop, just have two glasses a day to start feeling energised, alert, with clearer and softer skin as well as a reduction in bloating and a GREAT feelgood factor!!

We are loving it!!! If you are not sure what you need ring me on 0845 475 0606 and I will go through what might be helpful either before or after your colonic.

24th April 2009 - Colonics for Charity

How did this come about?

Over the years at both the Northampton and Milton Keynes colonic clincs we have seen people who are terminally ill with cancer and have needed help with their bowels. More recently we saw our dear friend Jade Goody die from Cancer.

In almost all cases our clients have been helped through their pain and suffering not only from the NHS but with individual and compassionate care from various charities who specialise in caring for people with terminal illness.

Recently we were contacted by a member of the public, Kevin, who wanted to have a colonic for charity, raising funds for a sick child in hospital. We thought this was a great way to get funds for a worthy cause and agreed to help. Kevin raised over £1000 really easily, we donated the colonic for free and as soon as he is well enough that little boy will be able to have his first real holiday with his family since he was born.

This really sparked an idea with us. As a small company we are not in a position to make extravagant gestures and donate large cheques to various good causes but we can offer our time. And so Colonics for Charity was born.

If you want to do something different instead of running the marathon, jumping out of an airplane or a sponsored walk we are happy to help. All we ask is that the Charity is registered, you raise a minimum of £1000 and are happy to be photographed handing a cheque to a representative of your chosen charity.

You will find more details here at Colonics for Charity as well as other ways you can help support this project. Thank you.

27th March 2009 - Jade Goody

Sadly our friend and collegue Jade died last week, and even though it was expected the shock we felt when she died was unexpected.

I wasn't Jades closest friend by any means but we shared some good (and some not so great) times together including an unforgettable week last year when we filmed all the preparations for the Boot Camp she and Nilam were setting up. I was also part of her wedding preparations and went to the wedding.

From a personal point of view I disliked the exposure in recent weeks but understood why she did it. I don't want to enter into a discussion as to whether it was right or wrong, it's done. and now she's gone.

The thing I will miss more than anything it the laughing behind the scenes. Everytime something happened, like her not training for the marathon, she would be able to laugh at herself and what had happened to her.

Even when she was dying she managed to laugh. When she invited me to her wedding I was at her home. I told her I didn't think I was included as I hadn't got an invitation. Her reply was "Of course you're invited, I haven't got time to send out invites, I'm dying" and then she laughed. She wanted a beauty procedure done for the wedding and we said to her "Do you think you should have that done with the medication you're on?" and again we all ended up laughing because she could have anything done she wanted, she would be dead in a few weeks anyway. It was surreal.

She wasn't the worlds most organised person, but she did all her own housework, her house was spotless and she took great pride in everything she did. She wasn't perceived as a bright person but that was down to her upbringing, she was in fact a very bright woman and had she had a different start in life I'm sure things would have been very different.

She never forgot a name, was always very approachable and never forgot where she came from. Her wedding consisted of mainly family and friends with a few obligatory celebs in the mix for the photos. We joked at the wedding that it was a 'where's Jade' competition as there were so many shaved heads (the boys from Bermondsey were there) you couldn't spot whch one was her!

It was noticable even between the hen night and her wedding how much weight she had lost, the dress that had been fitted to perfection was a little looser than she may have liked but she still looked wonderful in it.

Love her or hate her Jade has left an indellible mark of light, laughter and 'loudness' in our lives and although the clinic will be quieter without her, her energy and love for life will always be remembered.

Our thoughts, as always, are with her family and especially her two boys Bobbie and Freddie.

(Copyright protected, permission must be sought and granted for any reproduction of this work)

BBC 3 Counties radio Friday March 20th

This week sees us putting Tim Wheeler from the BBC to the test as we do our first live radio colonic! I've done live colonics on the TV before without any problem but never on the radio. Having been told by one very kind tv presenter once that I had a great face for radio (thanks so much!) this should be a doddle - but I think I may have to be more descriptive and that might be a problem before the watershed!

I'm allowed to say 'poo' on the radio so thats a good start....if you want to listen it's from 2pm on BBC 3 Counties on Friday the 20th of March.

Jade Goody's Wedding

Just a quick note to say we were delighted to go to Jades wedding and organised her hen night for her on the Friday. Friday was a day of pampering, we turned Jades lounge into a beauty salon for the night and pampered her and the bridesmaids , getting them ready for the big day!

We became experts at many unexpected things that night including avoiding all questions from the hundreds of papparazzi outside Jades house, it was a real scrum, had to be seen to be believed and makes me realise that I couldn't live under the spotlight in that way. As someone who has to make an effort not to scare old people and children when I first get up the risk of being papped when not at my best is too great!

The wedding was lovely, Jades dress was beautiful, food wonderful, fireworks loud and the Sugarbabes even louder! An amazing wedding, put together in such a short time and a first for us all. A first for going to an 'OK!' wedding, a first for being pappped in a nice dress and definitely a first for me as I was able to answer "Yes" when asked by security "Is your name on the list"!

We obviously can't bring you pictures of the event as cameras were not allowed in because of the OK! coverage, but the hen night and the wedding will be shown in the next Living TV episode of Jade.

It was a strange day, happy but somehow surreal knowing that we may see some of the guests at a sadder event in the near future.

The wonderful thing about this whole situation is that it reminds us all that we should live each day as our last, as one day it will be.

Eyelash extensions in the making!
Heidi applying individual eyelash extensions to a party goer at our recent anniversary party.

As you can see you could get as up close and personal as you liked, it was all about getting involved. Just to put your mind at rest we didn't demonstrate colonics that night!!

February 10th 2009

It's been snowing and the blizzards in some areas have meant moving appointments back as clients struggle to get in to see us. This was the scene at our Northampton Clinic this week.

Despite the bad weather clients still made it in for treatments, and we are delighted they did. The clinics have had a 'Dunkirk spirit' about them and the line of wellington boots warming by the radiators is testament to peoples determination to come in.

Remember that foods that take a long time to cook normally take a long time to release their heat when we eat them, so now is the time for warming foods that will keep you warm and protect you from the cold for as long as possible. Take time planning nutritous whole food meals and you will reap the benefits.

20th January 2009 - A new year and new you?

Gosh - it’s the 20th of January already and it seems like an age since we all decided on our new years resolutions! I’m not sure who ‘invented’ new years resolutions but it does give us another excuse to be hard on ourselves, criticising ourselves when we don’t achieve our goals. So this year I decide my resolution should be a very positive one.

My resolution was to have more ‘me time’ and once in a while indulge in a massage or spa day. Three weeks in and I realised this hadn’t happened so today I booked a massage with Jemma Roson who works at our Milton Keynes clinic and I can’t wait. I’ve got my friends involved in the spa idea and we’re all toddling off in a few weeks to Whittlebury Hall who are doing a spa day two for one deal. For £89 per couple we get lunch, use of the facilities including the spa, lovely pool and the Heat and Ice experience. A lovely way to spend a Sunday....and I feel so good that I am achieving my resolution. It’s a win win idea!!

Feeling good about yourself and having a positive attitude can be difficult particularly in the dark hours of January and February but doing something just for you is a great way of making yourself feel good. It doesn’t need to cost anything, you can swap massages with a friend, or spend an evening catching up even though you always think you are too busy to have time for a chat.

Through Facebook I got in touch with a friend who moved to France over 20 years ago, it was lovely just to see how she was, see pictures of her children and reminisce about shared experiences long ago; there was the time I set fire to her costume with a candle just as we were about to go on stage in the school show, accidental of course and it still makes us laugh today! It was a great hour on the phone and was lovely ‘me time’.

Last thing at night after I’ve turned out the light I put the day to bed, I think about what has happened during the day, the clients I have seen and what I have done to make a difference. It’s free to do, clears the mind, definitely helps me sleep and I wake up raring to get into the day ahead.

Take some ‘me time’ today, even if it’s just ten minutes out of your day letting your thoughts wander and escape. Concentrate on whats wonderful in your life, you’ll be surprised what can pop into your head and how great you can feel with a bit of positive thinking.

Take care everyone, be healthy and avoid those winter blues. x

Clinic Blog - December 30th 2008
We’re saying goodbye to a great year, lots of highs and thankfully not many lows so all in all what a positive year it’s been.

We met some great people, helped some lovely clients achieve their goals and had lots of fun along the way.

Working within the clinic makes it easy to get up everyday, sharing time with clients and collegues. Never does a day disappoint, every day we get lots of positive things to reflect on and, thanks to you, we always feel that we are making a real difference.

On the glitzy front we’ve celebrated our one year anniversary at Milton Keynes (like a middle aged woman we’ve stopped counting how long we’ve been at Northampton!) and partied like the stars. We’ve filmed for Living TV and the BBC this year as well as radio interviews, mentions in several of the glossy magazines and Nilam even managed to get up and look amazingly glamourous for Breakfast Tv on BBC1! No mean feat at ‘stupid o’clock’ in the morning!

This year has definitely been the ‘Year of the detox’ as our clients have been coming from far and wide, it’s lovely to see so many men trying colonics for the first time and, similar to the pattern we saw in Northampton all those years ago, our male clients in Milton Keynes have now increased to nearly half of the clients coming in to see us. Well done guys!

Sadder news was that Jade Goody was diagnosed with cancer, those that watched the follow up documentary on Living will know that she is fighting it all she can, and we wish her well for the future.

On a brighter note several of our clients have conceived and had babies this year, I know that a couple of women had been struggling to conceive and I’m not saying that it was all us (!) but, as we all know, improving your body function better can only improve your chances of getting pregnant. Thanks also need to go to Jacquey Savoury, her work with clients has identified areas that may be holding toxins as welll as hormonal inbalances and correcting these can only have a positive influence for conception.

So, another year closes and we look forward to another one starting. I was always a child who looked forward to the first day of school, a new term, a new start and now I’m a little older (ahem) it’s no different.

I’m doing a juicing fast for the first few days of the new year, so I will be even more energetic come the 5th of January! We are now open on Sundays for the detox packages and we open late nights on every day except Fridays.

Bring on 2008! We can’t wait to see you in the new year, and thank you for making this year so wonderful. Have a good time on the 31st and don’t forget to keep hydrated!

Best wishes for 2009, Tracey x

Pictured is Jacquey Savoury demonstrating testing of the immune system at our anniversary party. A very quick and painless procedure she can quickly and easily advise you on your food intolerances and allergies, how strong your immune system is, areas of weakness and what you can do to improve this.

Clinic Blog - Our party!! - December 3rd 2008
So the party was a great sucess with hundreds of people attending. Some of the photo’s from the party can be seen here, including pictures of Jodie Marsh, Miss England, Lee Macdonald (Zammo from Grange Hill) as well as lots of glamorous guests and the team. You’ll also see demo pictures of some of the treatments we do.

Well done to Nilam and Sarah who did almost all the organising, all the hard work was well worth it. Despite it being one of the worst weather days this year with rain and snow the turnout was wonderful and at 11 at night we were still trying to persuade people to leave!

If you weren’t able to make it this time we’re looking to repeat it in the summer, so keep in touch and we’ll let you know when it’s all happening.

Jodie Marsh and Nilam
Nilam applying permanent eyebrows to Jodie Marsh. This gave her a much more natural look than she had had before and she loved it! This is during the procedure.

Jodie Marsh with her new brows!
This is Jodie after having her eyebrows applied. These should last for anywhere from two to four years, sometimes longer depending on various factors such as your skin and sun exposure.

Everyones look is different, almost everyone in the clinic has their eyebrows done and not one of us is the same! Nilam will apply them as you prefer, colours are individually mixed to suit your skin tone and hair and eye colour and each hair stroke is individually drawn in to make the finished affect look as natural as possible. If you want something dramatic we can do that too, it's up to you!!

Consultations are free of charge, ring us on 0845 475 0606 to make an appointment although be warned we are booking weeks in advance as once people have seen Nilams work they just won't go anywhere else!

Clinic Blog - November 16th 2008
Hi all, as always we’re busy despite the credit crunch!

Having such a popular friend and colleague like Nilam means that sometimes we are swept away in the busy life she leads, hanging onto her coat tails as the interest she creates in the clinic and her work overtakes us all and we just cling on for dear life!!

This last few weeks hasn’t been any different and after several appearances on the BBC’s Celebrity Scissorhands she is innundated by well known faces all over the country wanting a little bit of Nilam magic.

Last week Nilam tattooed Jodie Marsh and gave her wonderful new lips that kept the BBC salon talking so much that the next time she went in the celebrity hairdressers were arguing over who could go in next to see her. Despite forming an orderly queue Nilam couldn’t do everyone so we will be seeing some of them with us over the next few weeks. Jodie couldn’t wait and last week she came up to see us in Milton Keynes and had her eyeliner done.

Next Sunday the 23rd of November sees The Brooklands Clinic throwing a glitzy party to celebrate being at MK for over a year. A large marquee is being erected at the front of the building and bubbly and nibbles will greet you before taking a wander around the whole clinic to see what we do. The entire event is being covered by one of the glossy magazines so you may want to dress to impress!

Demonstrations on botox, fillers, radio frequency facials, teeth whitening, permanent make up plus more will be ongoing and a lot of our celebrity guests have already signed up to have treatments on the day. If you would like to have something done please get in touch. For obvious reasons I can’t demonstrate colonics.....

The party starts from 4pm onwards and you are welcome to pop in for as short or as long as you like. Feel free to bring a friend or two, we would love to see you. Drop me a line if you are thinking of coming and I’ll keep an eye out for you.

And just for the record it’s ok to be self indulgent next Sunday, you won’t get a stern look from me if you are drinking something other than water....

Clinic Blog - October 4th 2008 Jade Goody
Hi all - sorry it’s been a while since we’ve spoken but it’s all been a bit busy…

Jade Goody
Obviously our friend Jade has been in the press recently because of her cancer problems and an operation that should have taken an hour and a half lasted eventually for eight hours. Read into that what you will, but it was a lot more intense and serious than we originally thought.

I spoke to Jade last week, in fact I rang her just as she was leaving hospital after another short visit for treatment, I am great at picking my moments! She was buzzing and so positive it amazed me, she has to stay strong for her children and she is doing everything she can to get well.

Jade being Jade was worried about the affects any radiotherapy and chemo will have on her face and was anxious to get into see Nilam to have her eyebrows redone (permanent make up) before she looses any hair. Good old Jade - worried about how she is looking even now!!

On Friday Nilam re-did her brows for her and revealed that Jade had had her hair cut in preparation for any loss she might suffer. It’s all under wraps until next weeks glossy magazines has come out but apparently it look fantastic.

So a positive out look from Jade who is keeping extremely focused and just concentrating on getting well.

Detox breaks-
With Jade being so poorly we thought we would put the Boot Camps on hold until she is better - Jade so wants to be involved and we don’t want to take that away from her so we have been holding back. In the meantime we’re setting up sone short detox breaks, using a lovely hotel local to Milton Keynes close to the clinic so you can have as many colonics as you would like (within reason!) during your intense detox.

Included in the break will be juices, detox powders and tablets, fasting help and advice if you want to be more intense, colonics of course, group relaxation and meditation, an individual hypnotherapy session to help with any food addictions or barriers you have to detoxing, massage and beauty treatment as well as use of the hotels indoor swimming pool and steam rooms.

We are looking at three day, two night breaks to start either during the week or at weekends. If this is something you would be interested in get in touch.

Winter warmers -
Lastly - with the winter drawing closer than we hoped it’s good idea to eat warming foods to keep your defences working well. Foods that take a long time to cook generally release their energy and warmth over a long time too, so dust off those slow cookers and get planning some easy and nutritous meals.
Fresh air is also a great ‘pick me up’ when the nights are drawing in. Try and work a walk and some sunlight into your daily routine to keep the mind active and alert.

Keep well. xx