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For new clients your first colonic is £80, your appointment lasts for an hour and a half. It includes a full consultation as well as the colonic. This is essential to help you prevent the same issues re-occurring.

If you're not sure what type of colonic is right for you just email us with your phone number (so we can call you) at or call us on 01604 434780.

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A busy few months for Celebrity Colonics as the stars try and fit into those BAFTA dresses! 100% of our clients report that their bloating has gone down either immediately after the colonic or within 24 hours!!
Tracey Dell offer Colonics at the Northampton 7 days a week to fit in with you busy diary. To book your appointment at Northampton ring us on 01604 62096601604 620966

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If you would like to raise money for charity and have a colonic at the same time check out our NEW charitable venture - Colonics for Charity.

We are delighted to be supporting the Meningitis Research Foundation with the help of comedian Norman  Pace and his wife Beverley. The latest fundraising event was on July 18th, pictures are our blog and pictures page.




A lot of the people we see are not drinking enough water. Why water can help with constipation, more help and information from the Northampton Colonic Clinic
When we ask how much water they are drinking they all grimace and then say "Not enough"!

For others they may be drinking lots of water - in excess of two litres a day of plain water - but still have bowel problems. You may be drinking it too quickly or too cold - this is also a common problem.

We all know that we should be drinking water but we don't always know why. And by the way - the water in tea or coffee doesn't count! The body really wants plain water, and ideally pH balanced, but lets not get too technical early on - just drink water!

Why does lack of water make me constipated?

If you are dehydrated the body will try and keep as much water in the system as possible. The body makes the colon squeeze newly formed stools to extract as much water from them as it can and 'recycle' it by re-absorbing it back into the body. Not only does that dry out the waste going through you, making it difficult to pass but also means that toxins from your poo may be reabsorbed into the body - euch!

If the waste working its way through your colon is too dry it can make it difficult to pass and can cause you to bloat up through hardness and trapped gas.

Are you dehydrated?

Often you may be drinking two litres of plain water a day and still be dehydrated - bizarre as that may seem!

Signs and symptoms of dehydration include;


IBS type symptoms

weight gain


flushed face

extreme thirst

dry skin

decreased amounts of urine or unable to pass urine

dark yellow urine or sometimes very clear urine

dizziness made worse by standing


cramping in the arms and legs




dry mouth and tongue

thick saliva

By the time you feel thirsty or get a dry mouth you are probably already dehydrated.

It's not just a case of drinking more water although that will, in most cases, help. It's how it's drunk, the temperature, and quantity. Ideally you should always drink water slowly, especially when dehydrated as the body may struggle to absorb and process it properly. If you drink water too quickly and in large quantities this can actually result in illness and in some cases death so please be careful.

Having a colonic will help hydrate the body and can then help maintain hydration. A colonic will help gently cleanse and hydrate the digestive system, break up dehydrated waste materials on the intestinal walls and prevent the re-absorption of toxic materials.

It can take the body weeks or months to rehydrate entirely and it needs consistency. Drinking loads one day and not much the next isn't much help - despite your good intentions - so consistent water drinking is the key. Little and often througout the day. 

But I drink loads of water - how can I be dehydrated?
Some clients may be drinking a good amount of water and may still have problems going to the loo or have a bloated and uncomfortable feeling. There are many reasons for this, including past water drinking habits which may not have been so good.

Sometimes you past really does catch up on you and if you haven't been as good at drinking water in the past your body can sometimes find it difficult to catch up.

We have remedies that can help you hydrate and absorb water more effectively, which in turn will help your bowels work more efficiently. A lot of what we do is quite simple, it's just realising you needed to know it in the first place that can be difficult!

Our promise to you
We promise that we will help you toward your goals, whatever they are, as effectively and efficiently as we can.

We offer a tailored professional approach to you as an individual and will gently guide you, with as much help as we can offer, towards whatever it is you are trying to achieve.