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For new clients your first colonic is £80, your appointment lasts for an hour and a half. It includes a full consultation as well as the colonic. This is essential to help you prevent the same issues re-occurring.

If you're not sure what type of colonic is right for you just email us with your phone number (so we can call you) at or call us on 01604 434780.

The post summer blues is upon us and our thoughts are turning to Christmas. Everyone wants to lose weight after Christmas but the best way to prepare for the festive season is to get your body ready for the deluge of food and alcohol that might be going your way.. For those looking for a quick fix we offer a 9 day plan alkalising box which will help you cleanse, shed unwanted rubbish and get your body prepared for those foods that make you bloat, tired or uncomfortable.

A busy few months for Celebrity Colonics as the stars try and fit into those BAFTA dresses! 100% of our clients report that their bloating has gone down either immediately after the colonic or within 24 hours!!
Tracey Dell offer Colonics at the Northampton 7 days a week to fit in with you busy diary. To book your appointment at Northampton ring us on 01604 62096601604 620966

For all your Alkalising needs browse our online shop and get energised!! A one stop shop for Mega Greens, bowel cleanser, probiotics and Weight Loss Products

Our on-line book shop gives you some great resources for books on IBS, Crohns disease, Ulcerative Colitis and cancer. 

If you would like to raise money for charity and have a colonic at the same time check out our NEW charitable venture - Colonics for Charity.

We are delighted to be supporting the Meningitis Research Foundation with the help of comedian Norman  Pace and his wife Beverley. The latest fundraising event was on July 18th, pictures are our blog and pictures page.





Detox Packages, Colon Massage, and special offers

Please note that once bought, packages are non refundable and should be taken within the recommended time scales. In all cases packages must be completed within 3 months and are non transferable. 

Colonics for weight loss

For those of you looking for weight loss through colonics you may like to look at our extreme weight loss and detox weekends as a great kick start. For those of you wanting a less extreme approach we recommend two colonics within a week as a good start for a stronger detox.

For 2 colonics within 7 days we offer a reduced price of £130, these must be taken between the hours of 9 and 5. Evening appointments are available but are slightly more. We ask that you keep a food diary for a week before coming in to enable us to help you in more detail and you will be expected, in most cases, to purchase supplements to help you with the weight loss.

If both colonics are not taken within 7 days the second colonic will no longer be subject to a discount and a supplement will be due to make the payment up to the full price.

The weight loss package is also available at our
Milton Keynes colonic clinic where we offer weekend appointments. Weekend appointments are available at Northampton for group bookings and of course the Residential Extreme weight loss and detox programme.

Colonic Irrigation, Colon Massage, Aqua detox and Dietary review 

# Your treatment comprises of a consultation with your colonic therapist which will include dietary and lifestyle advice, an Aqua detox treatment, a colonic massage and a colonic irrigation treatment.
Aqua detox, colonic massage and colonic special offer at The Northampton Colonic Clinic
# To take full advantage of this package we recommend you keep a full food and drink diary for 5 days leading up to your appointment.

# We will provide you with detailed information on various food issues and make recommendations as to further steps you may need to take to ensure a better 'food future'.

# This treatment can have a significant affect on water retention and bloating as well as helping to relax the colon to help avoid blockages. This treatment can also help to reduce fat and cellulite.

# The combined affect of the massage and colonic can really help shift impacted matter, gas and that bloated feeling without any discomfort. We will tailor make your treatment to ensure that you feel relaxed, comfortable and at no time should you feel any discomfort.

# Treatments must be taken all within the same session to benefit from the special offer.

The prices if purchased individually would be:

Colonic £75 (any time)
Aqua detox £35
Colon massage £35
Total price would be £145 but the combined price is £110, you can purchase a voucher to give this treatment as a present.

A Kick Start Juicing Detox - this includes:  Juicing detox special offer at The Northampton Colonic Clinic

# A colonic treatment including consultation and dietary and lifestyle review and recommendations

# Three juices from organic fruit, vegetables and berries - freshly made

# A colon massage

# An Aqua detox foot spa treatment

# A Relax and Let Go meditation session

# A Relax and Let Go cd to take away with you

# A detox juicing recipe leaflet to continue your detox at home

# Blood pressure readings before and after your treatment

# Weight taken before and after your treatment

Total cost £185. You can purchase a voucher to give this treatment as a present.

With all our packages additional treatments can be added at an extra cost.

Two Week Advanced Nutritional Detox

This is ideal for those looking for an easy detox.

This is a two week programme designed to detox the body using advanced nutritional supplements in conjunction with two nutritional screenings. Most cleints report weight loss as a result of following this programme but the most widely reported change is a significant increase in energy and feeling of well being.

The screenings test the overall functions of the body system and organs and highlights areas where the body is no longer functioning as it should due to toxification of the body.

Using supplements taken in liquid plus following personalised nutritional advice you will, over a two week period, detox the body.

After two weeks you return for a second screening and review the changes.

Although we never encourage treatments purely for weight loss we would expect most clients do experience a reduction in weight.

Included in your package:

# Two body screenings (two weeks apart)

# Two weeks supply of nutritional supplements

# Individual dietary advice

# Detox recipe book

Total cost £225. Cost if purchased individually £280. You can purchase a voucher to give this treatment as a present.

As with all our packages extra treatments can be added at an additional cost

**Special Offer** - Free probiotics

Book and pay for four colonic treatments in advance and receive a free probiotic supplement worth £28 for use during your course of treatments.

HD Brows and Permanent Make Up

Until the end of October 2009 HD Brows are offered at £20 (regular price £25) as per our introductory offer featured in R Magazine

If you have Permanent Make Up with Natalie Godefroy you will receive a £50 discount. Again this promotion runs until the end of October to celebrate and introduce Natalie to our Northampton clients. 

Bridal Make Up  with Natalie Godefroy. Brides get a free consultation before booking for their wedding and once a booking has been confirmed all Brides can have a free HD Brow treatment. Available at both Northampton and Market Harborough contact Natalie direct on 07795077447 for more information or to book your free consultation.

Nouveau Lashes with Natalie Godefroy. £85 and includes a free HD brow with every set of full lashes applied. 

**Special Offer** - Free Relaxation Hypnotherapy CD with your first Hypnotherapy appointment, valued £19.97.

Telephone 01604 620966 to make an appointment or to buy a voucher.

Groups of up to four can be catered for, if you are not local to Northampton and would like an overnight stay please contact us for details of local hotels.

The practice is within easy reach of Northampton, Milton Keynes, Kettering, Wellingborough, Rushden, Peterborough, Corby, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Lighter Life Members
If you are a member of the Milton Keynes Lighter Life group you are eligible for a discount of £10 off your first colonic. Please contact Tracy Simpson, Lighter Life Counsellor for Bletchley on 01908 366115